Elkins Pilots Club
Local Links:
Elkins Randolph Airport                                                         Elkins Airport
Let's Go Flying:
A Guide to Fun Places you can fly to                                      Fun Placces to Fly
Flight fracking in real time                                                      Flight Aware
Aviation Links:
Airnav                                                                                     Airnav
Flight Planning Online                                                            Runway Finder
Sectionals Online                                                                   Sky Vectors
International Airports                                                            Our Airports 
File a Flight Plan Online                                                         FLt Plan
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoication                                  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoication
Aviation Only Search Engine                                                 The Aviation Directory
Airport Taxi Diagrams                                                            Airport Taxi Diagrams
Welcome To The Busiest Aviation Hub in Cyberspace           Landings
Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)                                        FAR
Weather Links:
ADD                                                                                       NOAA's Aviation Digital Data Service
Duats from GTE                                                                     Duats Weather From GTE 
Duats                                                                                    Duats
Manuals and Forms:
172 General Information                                                      172 Sample Information
172 Sample of a Checklist                                                    172 A Sample Checklist
172 Sample of a POH                                                           1968 Cessna 172 POH
Piper Archer II Sample POH                                                  Piper Archer II POH
Navigation Log                                                                     Navigation Log 
Garmin 150xl User's Manual (Similar to Cessna's GPS)        150 XL
Garmin 430    User's Manual (Similar to Archer's GPS)         430
Training Videos:
University of North Dakota Podcasts (Excellent Quality)          UND
Peter Green (very dry but informative)                                     Peter Green