Elkins Pilots Club

Elkins Pilots Club Rules


1.      Must comply with all FAR’s at all times


2.      A weather briefing must be obtained for all flights.


3.      Each member must attend at least one meeting per quarter, or give prior notice to an Officer of the club to preclude loss of flying privileges
4.      Any pilot that has not flown within the preceding ninety (90) days must take a check-ride with a Club Instructor before
    flying any Club aircraft.


5.      A member must have at least a private certificate and a minimum of five (5) hours with a Club Instructor to fly N181AV.  Can be waived at the discretion of the instructor if member has sufficient time in a similar aircraft platform.


6.      Any member with an account not paid in thirty (30) days will incur a 5% surcharge per month until account is paid in full: any member with an overdue account in excess of sixty (60) days is grounded until that account is paid in full.


7.      Any member who wishes to terminate membership or move to an Associate Membership must inform the club in writing or monthly dues will keep incurring.


8.      All applicants for membership must present a Membership Application, copy of DMV driving record, and a copy of their birth certificate or a current US passport before being considered for membership.


9.      Any applicant must leave the meeting during the membership acceptance vote.


10.  Each new member that holds a pilot certificate must be checked out by one of the Club Instructors before they are
     allowed to fly Club aircraft.


11.  Each member with a student certificate must receive an Instructor’s “OK” before any flight.


12.  Each member is responsible to ensure all certificates and manuals required for flight are in the aircraft before take-off


13.  Aircraft must be scheduled before departure, showing planned departure-time and planned return-time by member
    using aircraft.


14.  If the person scheduled to fly the aircraft is late by thirty (30) minutes for a flight, the aircraft is considered open to
    other members.


15.  Minimum charge for overnight flights is two (2) hours per day.


16.  Each member after flying the aircraft is required to clean bugs off the windshield and leading edges, and removing any
     trash from the aircraft when returning to the hangar.


17.  Each member after flying the aircraft is required to refuel the aircraft.  Any member not doing so will be assessed a .2
     hour charge.


18.  Each member is responsible for properly securing the aircraft after each flight.


19.  Pilots are responsible for all fees incurred during any cross-country flight.


20.  Each member is responsible for the loss of, or damage to any Club equipment while that equipment is in their control
     or care.


21.  No one is allowed to purchase or sell anything in the Club name, or order any parts or repairs without the authorization
    of a Club Officer.


22.  Club aircraft may be landed only at FAA approved airstrips.


23.  Aircraft engine heaters must not be plugged in full-time.  Preheat engine two (2) hours before flight and if flight not
    taken must be unplugged.


24.  N181AV battery charger must be plugged in after each flight and the baggage door must be secured.